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     Lowcountry Orphan Relief is proud to announce the addition of a new program, Foster the Future.  Under this program we aim to provide a safe environment where we can educate youth, who have absent parental encouragement in all circumstances, to develop necessary life skills and knowledge to become productive and independent adults. We will do this by collaborating with both professional and non-professional individuals, support systems and programs to assist youth in achieving self-sufficiency.

     Not only is our mission specific to life skills, but our reach expands beyond youth in State’s care, accessible to all youth who have the desire to excel but lack adequate parental guidance.   Classes will cover categories such as: Basic Legal, Work Skills, Self-Knowledge Skills, Living Skills, Health Habits, Money Management, Relationship Skills and Higher Education.

At this time we are seeking the following professional volunteers:



Therapist or Behavioral Counselor

Health Care Insurance Representative


Personal Trainer

Navy, Army, Air Force and/or Marine Recruiting Officer


Banking Representative

      Other volunteer opportunities include preparing class materials and donating snacks and drinks.

We feel that all youth deserve the opportunity to develop life skills and knowledge necessary to become productive and independent adults.

      This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help inspire the youth of our community.  If we all help to advance their chance for long-term career and relationship success, we are ultimately impacting the greater community.

     If you wish to volunteer your services, or you would like more information regarding this new program, please contact Regina Sharpe at: 843-747-4099 x 201 or email:

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