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Youth Empowerment Program – YEP!

LOR’s Youth Empowerment Program (YEP!) builds a community of resources and support around the youth participants, so they walk confidently into independence, bypassing the pitfalls and negative outcomes that come with isolation.


The goal of LOR’s Youth Empowerment Program is that all participants will successfully transition into independent living.   With a focus on support, education and housing, YEP provides youth with the skills and resources to lead healthy, safe and productive lives outside of foster care.


  1. Participants will develop a financial plan, including knowledge of budgeting, credit scores, etc.
  2. Participants will pursue an educational, job training or career path
  3. Participants will have a network of support
Program Elements

Community Resource

YEP! will be a “hub” of resources that youth and foster care parents/professional can access for information on financial aid, scholarships, Chafee Funds and other sources of funding, housing/transportation, job training/apprenticeship programs, and much more.

YEP! Staff will be readily available to work one-on-one with youth, do small group workshops or large presentations/classes on an as-needed basis.

Classes and Camp  

YEP! will hold bi-weekly classes and workshops on life skills building, as well as a summer camp program in conjunction with the Trident Technical College Teen U summer program.   The curriculum will include:

  • College site visits with workshops on financial aid and admissions
  • Financial planning, budgeting
  • Housing & transportation
  • Mental/physical healthcare
  • Job skills, ie. Interviewing, resume writing, etc.
  • Chafee Funds
  • Leadership, conflict resolution

In addition to the programs provided by LOR, YEP! will provide each participant with a full scholarship to the Trident Tech Teen U course of their choice.  Courses offered include:  lifesaving skills, culinary arts, website coding, Safe Sitter and many more.


Beginning in 2020, LOR will place ten teens internships in local businesses and organizations to gain real-life skills and workplace experience.  The program will take place July 6 to July 17. 2020.  For more information, contact

Adulting Kits

LOR provides household items and resources for teens who are aging out of foster care.  For more information, contact

Please consider supporting YEP! and the youth who participate. 

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