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Dear Friends of LOR,

Over the years of leading Lowcountry Orphan Relief, I have examined many winning non-profits and teams of some sort.  I have found that to win and succeed the team must have five things in common:

The team plays to win:  This I have found is the difference between success and mediocrity.

The Team has a winning attitude:  They believe in themselves and their teammates and don’t allow negative thinking.

They keep improving:  Their highest reward for their efforts isn’t what they get from it, but who they become because of it.

They make their teammates more successful than themselves:  Few people are successful unless others want them to be.

We don’t work for each other, we work with each other.

The above examples describe the staff at Lowcountry Orphan Relief and the Steering Committee, who were all working as a team, created one of the most unbelievable fund raisers for the children that LOR serves.  I have found that it is not quantity but quality that counts and undying loyalty to the passion of LOR.  Each person stepped up to do their job and offered assistance to everyone else if needed.  The Steering Committee, all volunteers, steered our event into being one of the most fun, beautiful and profitable evenings we have ever had and all because they all share the mission with passion.  I want to thank my staff for their undying loyalty and their daily support and I thank all of the volunteers that come every day to help us get all the orders out to the abused children within a 24 hour turn around period and for the volunteers who never stopped on giving of their time, talents and financial support to this wonderful event.

Do I have a good team?  The answer is NO!    I have A GREAT TEAM!!!!! 

Blessings to each of you, 
Your Founder, Lynn
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