Sustainers Club

At a time when people need nonprofit services more than ever and when government is increasingly turning to nonprofits to relieve social problems, it is necessary to keep nonprofits healthy and functioning. Unfortunately, the amount of grant funds devoted to operating support is quite small. Many donors will only provide funding to support program costs. Program costs do not include operating or development expenses.

For Lowcountry Orphan Relief to be sustainable, effective and have impact, we rely upon operating and development to build the infrastructure of our goal. Without financial donations to assist with the expenses associated with operating and development, we cannot effectively accomplish our mission or ensure that the proper services are being offered to our target audience. Lowcountry Orphan Relief is judicious with its operating and development expenditures and runs a “lean” operation.

The Sustainer’s Club was developed in an effort to receive monthly contributions to assist with these specific expenses:

  • Operating Costs: include expenses such as staff salaries, utilities, phones, office equipment and supplies, insurance and cleaning supplies.
  • Development Costs: are directly related to our efforts to raise funds from direct mail campaigns and fundraising events. These expenses could include printing, postage and the costs associated with holding an event. They can also include marketing, seminars and training, and/or office expenses associated with development.

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