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Please Share your experience.

Do you have experience with LOR, the foster care system, or the need for clothing & toiletries that can arise in the Title 1 school system?

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Write a blog post. LOR is working on updating our website and we’d love to share a written piece and/or photographs about your experience. It can be in the form of a narrative, a letter, an editorial, an opinion piece – get creative. Final edits and post at the discretion of LOR staff.
  2. Share a quote. LOR loves adding volunteer and community quotes with our social network and email list. Your point of view has impact.
  3. Video Testimonial. We work with some awesome photographers and videographers. Have a really moving story to share? We’d love to turn it into some awesome video content.
  4. Speak at an event. LOR has a few fundraising events throughout the year. Would you be willing to speak publicly and share your story to inspire others to get involved? We also host children’s events and programs and your experience could inspire kids who are currently in the foster care system.

Thank you for your support of LOR and your willingness to help inspire others. We love to get creative with our community partners.

Contact to find out more.


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