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“They had nothing,” Carrie remembers vividly.

Carrie and her husband, Jason have been fostering children in the Lowcountry for just over one year. Since they started on their journey as foster parents, they have had six children live with them in their home. Today, their ever-growing, ever-changing family consists of two daughters as well as two female siblings who were placed in their home through the foster care system four months ago.

“Lowcountry Orphan Relief gives us peace of mind as foster parents,” says Carrie Courtney in an interview with Community Outreach Coordinator, Marissa Nash.

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“Fostering was actually never on our radar,” Carrie says. A marriage conference at Seacoast Church was the catalyst that changed their lives forever. That weekend, a presentation addressing the need for foster parents in the local community pulled at Carrie’s heart strings.

“I thought to myself, my husband will never go for that!” Carrie recalls. Turns out, she thought wrong. That day, her husband suggested that they find out more.

“That’s when I knew that God was calling us to do this,” Carrie exclaims.

One month later they attended an information session at Seacoast Church to learn about a local Foster Care Agency, Lifeline. Lowcountry Orphan Relief happened to stand out to Carrie on a resource sheet that Lifeline had provided for those attending the nine-week long training. Knowing she would soon have a need for clothing and toiletries, she tagged the page with a sticky note to refer back to when the time was right.

Within one year of their newfound calling, Carrie, Jason, and their two daughters received their first set of siblings in their home, two young girls, ages 9 and 14.

“One of the sisters was removed while she was at school. The only belonging she had was her backpack.”

“Her younger sister was taken from their former home. When she arrived at our house, she had just 6 articles of clothing, and only 1 of those outfits actually fit her,” she says.

At this point, Carrie knew what to do. Remembering her sticky note, Carrie’s social worker completed an order form with Lowcountry Orphan Relief (LOR) to request clothing and necessities for her two new girls.

“When my husband and I opened the packages from LOR, I was amazed. We were given everything we needed. All of the clothes were in great condition, as well as age and size appropriate,” shares Carrie.

Lowcountry Orphan Relief provides gently used clothing, school uniforms, pajamas, toiletries, stuffed animals, school supplies, and new socks and underwear.

When a child is provided with clothing after living through a traumatizing situation such as being removed from their families, it gives them a new sense of ownership, confidence, and security.

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“Lowcountry Orphan Relief provides foster parents with financial relief. By providing us with the items that we need right away, we’re released from the burden of having to go out ourselves. There is so much that goes on in your home when a child is first placed with you. The support that Lowcountry Orphan Relief provides, gives us the ability, as foster parents, to truly focus on the kids,” offers Carrie.

Although Carrie describes fostering as a “roller coaster ride,” when asked if she and her husband plan to continue to foster for a long time, she humbly answers:

“We do. It’s hard to say no to a child in need.”


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