Staff Directory

Lynn Young, Founder
Sara Wallace, Executive Director843-747-4099 x
David Hall, Distribution Center Director (Charleston & Midlands)MOR: 803-440-8400
Cell: 803-237-7114
Stephani Mummert, Community Outreach & Events Manager (Charleston)843-747-4099x
Bridgett Kolpien, Children’s Events Manager, Just in Case Closet Coordinator (Charleston)  843-747-4099×
Allie Witmer, Program Assistant (Charleston) 843-747-4099
Joy Littel, Distribution Center Supervisor843-747-4099 x
Kathy McCarthy, Distribution Center Coordinator 843-747-4099 x
Amanda Kowal, Distribution Center Coordinator 843-747-4099 x
Kate Long, Volunteer and Social Media Coordinator (Midlands)

Christie Young,  Distribution & Program Coordinator (Midlands)

Addison Ingle, Accounting (Charleston)
Barbara Kingsbury, Grants Writer (Charleston & Midlands)

DISCLAIMER: Orders placed to our Distribution Center are for children who are at-risk or suffering from abuse, abandonment and/or neglect.  We WILL NOT process an order directly from the biological parent of a child.  All orders must come from an agency representative who can legitimize either the child’s risk for abuse or a founded case of abuse.  As a representative of the child, you are responsible for ensuring the child meets these requirements, as we are relying upon your professional opinion.  Please visit the Children Trust of South Carolina website for a list of Child Abuse and Neglect Indicators should you need assistance in determining if a child is at-risk for abuse: